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Negotiating with Manufacturers

Foreign economic partnership - China


Modern China is a dynamically developing country in all spheres. This thesis concerns both economy and living standards. This is why it is not a surprise, that medium-size and big business companies are oriented on partnership with Chinese companies. But in reality partnership might become difficult because of local specifics, strong traditions and challenging language. This is why it is problematic to contact Chinese manufacturers off-the-cuff — and there is a need in intermediaries.

Advantages of doing business in China

After a careful market investigation one can find out that the majority of the world-known companies organize manufacturing lines in China. The reason is the logistics and the fact that China includes a modern industrial zone with a high level of environmental protection. Our company is one of such intermediaries who not only know how to find a supplier in China, but also perform full representation of a client up to the moment of signing the contract.

Today’s suppliers from China have undergone re-branding, and the well-known labelMade in China changed to Made in PRC. This is how they confirm that nowadays their exported goods have industrial quality and all the necessary certifications. 

The phase of negotiations

Great efforts are required to organize the search for suppliers in China. You need to fulfill systematical monitoring of the industrial sectors and create contacts with foreign partners. If you are interested in working with a specific company, our specialists who have rights of an intermediary will plan a visit and perform negotiations to specify all the necessary issues. It is also possible to organize a video-conference with potential partners using modern means of communication. It is very convenient for people who are used to performing negotiations and discuss important matters personally. And of course it will influence the quality of the contract in the best way.

If it is needed, a purposeful flight can be arranged for visiting the facilities. There it will be possible to estimate the production power and quality of the goods and ask for documentation on the compliance of the goods with international standards.

Signing a contract

After the customer sees the conveyor belt and gets a sample of a product we can proceed with signing a contract. Flawless knowledge of the language will help you to avoid mistakes in communication and get maximum profit from the contract. Signing of a mutually profitable contract will be performed in a friendly atmosphere.