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Ivan Larion

Head of “AliCam” Company

15 september 2015, 02:15

The goods are delivered in time, often the product is delivered even faster than it was expected. During the first delivery of our cameras we didn’t like the stoppage with one of the items, so all the goods were delayed. I guess the reason was the so-called human element, because I’ve never had such problems again. Moreover, the manager immediately contacted me and sketched out the situation to inform me about the issue. Positive Group are one of the few who work with a really big number of suppliers. Here you can also enjoy reasonable prices and competent workers. I am satisfied with this company and hope our partnership will go on.

Svetlana Sergeeva

Owner of the “Mir Tkanei” store

07 september 2015, 16:06

For the first time I hired the company half a year ago to find a new fabric supplier. Frankly speaking I was surprised to the upside! I filled in the request form and the very day a manager contacted me to talk over the details. Since then I’ve always had him on the line. The delivery was organized very quickly, I have nothing to complain about. It is obvious that these guys know their business. Now I keep working with them, at the moment we are looking for a supplier of not very expensive sewing benches. Ordering from China turned out to be much more profitable and I give my good word to Positive Group.

Sergei Tischuk

Head of the Mobilny Mir shop

05 september 2015, 17:15

I’ve been working with China for more than 4 years, and I decided to use intermediary services to simplify the business process. I learned about the company from my colleagues recommendations. With the help of Positive Group I ordered a batch of mobile phone accessories and I didn’t regret this decision. The specialists found a great supplier and organized the first shipment of products quickly. The quality was more than satisfying and now I constantly use the company’s services.

Mikhail Svirodov

Manager, Epimedium Compamy

28 july 2015, 15:55

We have been working with Positive Group for quite a long time and very satisfied with our cooperation. Managers here are always friendly and answer all the questions. They are always ready to accommodate in case some problems appear. They organized for us an appointment with suppliers, because we wanted to be sure they are reliable and see a sample of the product in advance. During our work Positive Group proved themselves as a reliable mediators. They are not only good partners, but also genuine professionals. Well done!